Lighthouse 配布場所リスト


※無料観光ガイドブック『シアトル&ポートランドガイド』はLighthouse 配布場所の他、シータック空港、シアトル、ポートランド市内の主要ホテル、観光名所、ビジターセンターなどでも配布しています。


Kinokuniya Bookstores
(in Uwajimaya Seattle)
525 S. Weller St., Seattle
Paris Miki
(inside Uwajimaya Seattle)
600 5th Ave. S. #109, Seattle
Japanese Presbyterian Church 1801 24th Ave. S., Seattle
Mutual Fish 2335 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle
Tsukushinbo 515 S. Main St., Seattle
Jade Garden 424 7th Ave. S., Seattle
Fu-Lin 512 S. King St., Seattle
Kaname 610 S. Jackson St., Seattle
Maneki Restaurant 304 6th Ave. S., Seattle
Bush Garden 614 Maynard Ave. S., Seattle
Panama Hotel & Tea House 605-1/2 S. Main St., Seattle
Aoki Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar 621 Broadway E., Seattle
Chiso Sushi 3520 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle
Hana 219 Broadway E., Seattle
Katsu Burger 6538 4th Ave. S., Seattle
Kisaku 2101 N. 55th St., #100, Seattle
Issian 1618 N. 45th St., Seattle
Kozue Japanese Restaurant 1608 N. 45th St., Seattle
Aloha Ramen 3004 NE 127th St., Seattle
Nishino 3130 E. Madison St., Seattle
Marinepolis:Queen Anne 803 5th Ave. N., Seattle
Ten Sushi 500 Mercer St., Seattle
Cutting Board 5503 Airport Way S., Seattle
I Love Sushi:Lake Union 1001 Fairview Ave. N., Seattle
Sushi Kappo Tamura 2968 Eastlake Ave. E, Seattle
Seattle Central Community College:International Office 907 E. Pine St., Seattle
Genki Sushi: Capitol Hill 1620 Broadway, #H, Seattle
ALPS Language School 430 Broadway Ave. E., Seattle
Yugakusha School
(University Hights Center)
5031 University Way NE., #110, Seattle
Megumi Pre-School:Seattle 7054 32nd Ave. S., Seattle
Hotel Five 2200 5th Ave., Seattle
Kings Inn 2106 5th Ave., Seattle
The Vermont Inn 2721 4th Ave., Seattle
Green Tortoise Hostel 105 Pike St., Seattle
Fairmont Olympic Hotel 411 University St., Seattle
Crowne Plaza Hotel 1113 6th Ave., Seattle
La Quinta Inn and Suites 2224 8th Ave., Seattle
H.I.S. Tours USA, Inc. 610 Maynard Ave. S., Seattle
IACE Travel 1424 4th Ave., #705, Seattle
Azumano International 1511 3rd Ave., #1006, Seattle
Sankei Travel 2033 6th Ave., #251, Seattle
JTB USA, Inc. 1511 3rd Ave., #905, Seattle
Consulate-General of Japan at Seattle 601 Union St., #500, Seattle
Daiso 710 6th Ave. S., Seattle
Ai Video 606 Maynard Ave. S., #103, Seattle
Nikkei Manor 700 6th Ave. S., Seattle
Seattle Keiro Nursing Home 1601 E. Yesler Way, Seattle
Kawabe Memorial House 221 18th Ave. S., Seattle
Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington 1414 South Weller St., Seattle
American Hotel 520 S. King St., Seattle
Kobo:Capitol Hill 814 E. Roy St., Seattle
Kobo at Higo 604 S. Jackson St., Seattle
HT Oaktree Market 10008 Aurora Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98133
Maruta Shouten 1024 S. Bailey St., Seattle
Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau(Citywide Concierge Center) Washington State Convention & Trade
Center, 800 Convention Pl., Seattle
Kukai Ramen Izakaya 319 NE Thornton Pl., Seattle
AA Travel 601 S. King St., Seattle
Suika Izakaya 611 E. Pine St Seattle
Modern 6108 Phinney Ave. N. Seattle