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YOUMAG A.COM ( is a web portal in Japanese which is dedicated to providing information about the Pacific Northwest. It contains local news, unique essays on the local lifestyle, articles about Seattle’s sports teams and more. The portal also includes some information about Portland, Oregon.

Our Advertising solutions
YOUMAGA.COM is viewed not only by Japanese residents in the Pacific Northwest, but also by tourists or potential tourists who are planning to visit Seattle. We offer a variety of advertising solutions to meet your needs and your budget.

Web Banner
Banner positions
1. Home: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
2. Home: Top right (120 x 60 pixel)
3. Special Feature: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
4. Essay: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
5. Seattle Travel Navi: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
6. Seattle Event Information: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
7. Seattle Gourmet Navi: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
8. Seattle School Navi: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
9. Seattle Beauty Navi: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
10. Sports UPDATE: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)
11. Classified: Top right (486 x 60 pixels)
12. Message Board: Top right (486 x 60 pixel)

Banner design
We will create Japanese web banners by using GIF animation and flash at reasonable prices. Please consult us if you do not have a Japanese web banner.

Listing on business directory pages
YOUMAGA.COM has four unique and convenient business directory pages called Travel & Event Navi, Gourmet Navi, Beauty Navi and School Navi, where users may search for hotels, sightseeing spots, restaurants, spas, colleges and other things to do in Seattle and Portland. Users may search by name, type of business and place. We will create a one page Japanese web site based on information provided by your company including business name, contact, homepage address, facilities, and other information. Your business will appear in the top section of the searched list and your advertising pages be linked from the list. For examples, please refer to actual Navi pages.

Navi Pages
Travel & Event Navi
Gourmet Navi
School Navi
Beauty Navi

Price and impression of the pages
If you are interested in our advertising services, please contact us by email or phone. We will inform you about the price and the traffic information of the pages in a few days.

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